September 26, 2020

Why Are Amplifiers Important In a Car Audio System?

Amplifiers are essential in a car audio system. You will like to add more speakers to your car; the amplifier will be required to distribute sound […]
June 24, 2020

Choosing the Right Audio System For Your Car

The needs of audiophiles are seriously neglected by the car industry. OEM stereo systems are notoriously low-quality because the manufacturer sacrifices audio to increase profits. Most […]
May 25, 2020

Choosing the Best Sub-Woofers For Your Car

The key to any complete car speaker system is a sub-woofer. Perfect for the deep, bass-thumping, window-rattling pulses, adding a sub-woofer is the perfect way to […]
April 12, 2020

What are Component Car Speakers?  

When it comes to speakers, especially car speakers there is a lot to choose from. You can get the traditional car speakers or the newest version […]
March 19, 2020


When it comes to your vehicle’s sound system, an amplifier is one of the most crucial components. As such, it must be of high quality to […]
February 11, 2020

Are Car Speakers Worth Upgrading

There are a few common reasons people decide to upgrade their car speakers. Considering the many variables involved in this decision, that upgrade can quickly turn […]
January 22, 2020

How Do Car Amplifiers Work?

Although you may think that a car amplifier is an addition to your car’s audio output, in reality, every car stereo has a built-in amplifier. Even […]
June 23, 2019

What Kind Of Car Stereo Is Right For You?

If you’re installing a new stereo system in your car, you might find the range of choices overwhelming. How do you sort through and find the […]
April 2, 2019

Is there any Difference between a Woofer and a Subwoofer ?

Often, people use the terms woofer and subwoofer interchangeably. Of course, there are several similarities between them. However, there are also small differences that you can […]