You want to protect your vehicle and using an alarm is one of those ways you can keep your car safe. The question is whether to go with an active or passive car alarm.

Car alarms work through sensors set throughout your vehicle. There are many advantages to having a car alarm and we will go through them, including any disadvantages, but for now know that if someone tries to tamper with your car, the sensors trigger a loud siren, alerting you.

Prices range from less than 100 to 900 dollars. Now that we discuss some aspects of your car alarm, let’s go into more details on the advantages and disadvantages of the type of car alarms. Below is some information that will help you pick, which alarm makes the most sense for you.

Passive Alarms Advantages

A passive car alarm system comes on automatically as soon as you shut your car doors. This option gives you security in not having to worry about remembering to turn on the alarm. Another advantage to the passive alarm is the discount you receive on your car insurance. Many insurances will give you a sizable premium discount when you have a passive alarm. The reason is that your vehicle remains safe at all times because it locks automatically.

Drawbacks to Passive Car Alarms

If you leave your vehicle for whatever reason, your alarm may have already locked you out.

Active Alarms Positive

You don’t have to worry about being locked out prematurely since you are carrying the remote for the alarm on you. Active alarms allow you to remove your stuff from your car and not having to worry about searching for the key to unlocking the door every time.


Active car alarms work only when you are in the car and have set the system to come on. Usually, the car owner parks the vehicle and sets the alarm with his or her remote.

If you forget to set the alarm, you could lose the protection you wanted for your vehicle.

One type of device you might consider is the Viper car alarms. This system allows you to pick between active or passive and even multi-level, which would provide a security sensor for some parts of your vehicle while skipping other parts.

Regardless of which setting you choose, having a car alarm is a service that will keep your car safe from thieves.