When it comes to speakers, especially car speakers there is a lot to choose from. You can get the traditional car speakers or the newest version which is the component car speakers. When it comes to your car, you want the best sound quality you can get as you do spend a lot of time in your car especially if you have a long commute.

Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite music as they sit in traffic trying to get to the office, or back home. We value our music especially if we have a long commute every day five days a week.
Component car speakers are a new version of the speaker that delivers an optimal sound.

The component car speakers separate the tweeters and the woofers which gives you a great sound. Since both of these components are separated they can both do their job better. A traditional speaker combines the tweeters and the woofers to give you the sound.

When this happens since they are combined they can’t do their job as well as the component car speakers.

The tweeters go up high and handle the high range. Because they handle the high range they should be as close to the ear as possible to be able to hear the high range. This range is delicate which is why it is necessary to place them as close to ear level as you can.

Having said that the tweeters do need to be close to the woofers so that the different frequencies that the music produces are not heard at different times, but they do reach the ears at the same time acting in conjunction with each other.

The woofers handle the low frequencies. Usually, they come factory installed in the door.
When you install these types of speakers in your car you get a sound that is better, higher and engages a wider range of frequencies.

Since the tweeters and the woofers are separated, they can now do more on their assigned range of frequencies. You will get a tremendous boost in clarity and you will be able to hear each individual instrument, rather than just the group of instruments that you heard with your regular speakers. Component speakers allow the instrument to really stand out.

Component speakers also allow you to adjust the tweeters and the woofers to your liking. If one is putting out too much sound you can adjust it any way that you would like. When you play music on your component speakers it sounds like the music is in front of you instead of at the knees if your speakers are in the doors or even behind you if the speakers are located in the back. Component speakers use more power, so an amplifier would give you the best results.

We all have to commute and we all enjoy listening to music. It would be nice if we had a great sound system in the car to listen to our music. The component speakers take that music to a whole new level.